Homemade liqueurs

_To make Ratafia d'Angelique._

Take of angelica seeds, 1 dr., stalks of angelica, bitter almonds, blanched, each 4 oz.; proof spirit 12 pts.; white sugar, 2 lbs. Digest, strain, and filter.

_Anisette de Bourdeaux._

Take of sugar, 9 oz.; oil of aniseed, 8 drops. Rub them together, and add by degrees, spirit of wine, 2 pts.; water, 4 pts. Filter.

_To make Real Creme des Barbades._

Take 2 doz. middling-sized lemons, 6 large citrons; loaf sugar, 28 lbs,; fresh balm leaves, 3 lb.; spirit of wine, 2 1/2 galls.; water, 3 1/2 galls. This will produce about 7 galls., full measure. Cut the lemons and citrons in thin slices, and put them into a cask; pour upon them the spirit of wine, bung down close, and let it stand 10 days or a fortnight then break the sugar, and boil it for 1/2 an hour in the 33 galls. of water, skimming it frequently; then chop the balm-leaves, put them into a large pan, and pour upon them the boiling liquor, and let it stand till quite cold; then strain it through a lawn sieve, and put it to the spirits etc., in the cask; bung down close, and in a fortnight draw it off; strain it through a jelly bag, and let it remain to fine; then bottle it.

_Eau de Barbades._

Take of fresh orange-peel, 1 oz., fresh lemon peel, 4 oz., cloves, 1/2 dr.; coriander, 1 dr.; proof spirit, 4 pts. Distill in a bath heat and add white sugar in powder.

_To make Ratafia de Cafe._

Take of roasted coffee, ground, 1 lb.; proof spirit, 1 gall.; sugar, 20 oz. Digest for a week.

_Ratafia de Cassis._

Take of ripe black currants, 6 lbs.; cloves, 1/2 dr.; cinnamon, 1 dr.; proof spirit, 18 pts.; auger, 3 1/2 lbs. Digest for a fortnight.

_Ratafia des Cerises._

Take of morello cherries, with their kernels, bruised, 8 lbs.; proof spirit, 8 pts. Digest for a month, strain with expression, and then add 1 1/2 lbs. of auger.

_Ratafia de Chocolat._

Take of caracao cocoanuts, roasted, 1 lb.; West India cocoanuts, roasted, 1/2 lb.; proof spirit, 1 gall. Digest for a fortnight, strain, and then add sugar, 1 1/2 lbs.; tincture of vanilla, 30 drops.

_Eau Divine._

Take of spirit of wine, 1 gall.; essence of lemons, and essence of bergamot, each 1 dr. Distill in a Lath heat; add sugar, 4 lbs. dissolved in 2 galls. of pure water; and, lastly, orange-flower water, 5 oz.

_Elephant's Milk._

Take of gum benzoin, 2 oz., spirit of wine, 1 pt.; boiling water, 2 1/2 pts. When cold, strain; and add sugar, 1 1/2 lbs.

_Ratafia de Grenoble._

Take of small wild black cherries, with their kernels, bruised, 12 lbs., proof spirit, 6 galls. Digest for a month, strain, and then add 12 lbs of sugar. A little citron peel may also be added at pleasure.

_Marasquin de Groscilles._

Take of gooseberries, quite ripe, 102 lbs., black cherry leaves, 12 lbs. Bruise and ferment; distill and rectify the spirits. To each pint of this spirit add as much distilled water, and sugar, 1 lb.

_Huile de Venus._

Take of flowers of the wild carrot, picked, 6 oz.; spirit of wine, 10 pts. Distill in a bath heat. To the spirit add as much syrup of capillaire; it may be colored with cochineal.


Take the thin peel of 6 oranges and 6 lemons, steep them in a gallon of brandy or rum, close stopped for 2 or 3 days; then take 6 qts. of water, and 3 lbs. of loaf sugar clarified with the whites of 3 eggs. Let it boil 1/4 of an hour, then strain it through a fine sieve, and let it stand till cold; strain the brandy from the peels, and add the juice of 5 oranges and 7 lemons to each gallon.

Keep it close stopped up 6 weeks, then bottle it.

_Ratafia de Brou de Noix._

Take of young walnuts, whose shells are not yet hardened, in number 60; brandy, 4 pts.; sugar, 12 oz., mace, cinnamon, and cloves, each, 15 gr. Digest for 2 or 3 months, press out the liquor, filter, and keep it for 2 or 3 years.

_Ratafia de Noyeau._

Take of peach or apricot kernels, with their shells bruised, in number 120, proof spirit, 4 pts. sugar, 10 oz. Some reduce the spirit of wine to proof with the juice of apricots or peaches, to make this liqueur.

_Creme de Noyeau de Martinique._

Take 20 lbs. of loaf sugar; 3 galls. of spirit of wine; 3 pts. of orange-flower water; 1 1/4 lbs. of bitter almonds, 2 drs. of essence of lemon, and 4 1/2 galls. of water. The produce will exceed 8 galls.

Put 2 lbs. of the loaf sugar into a jug or can, pour upon it the essence of lemon, and 1 qt. of the spirit of wine: stir it till the sugar is dissolved, and the essence completely incorporated. Bruise the almonds, and put them into a 4 gall. stone bottle or cask, add the remainder of the spirit of wine, and the mixture from the jug or can; let it stand a week or 10 days, shaking it frequently. Then add the remainder of the sugar, and boil it in the 4 1/2 galls. of water for 3/4 of an hour, taking off the scum as it rises. When cold, put it in a cask; add the spirit, almonds, etc., from the stone bottle, and lastly, the orange flower water. Bung it down close, and let it stand 3 weeks or a month; then strain it through a jelly bag, and when fine bottle it off. When the pink is wanted add cochineal, in powder, at the rate of 1/2 a dr., or 2 scr. to a qt.

_Ratafia d'Ecorces d'Oranges._

Take of fresh peel of Seville oranges, 4 oz.; proof spirit, 1 gall.; sugar, 1 lb. Digest for 6 hours.

_Ratafia a de Fleurs d'Oranges._

Take of fresh flowers of orange-tree, 2 lb.; proof spirit, 1 gall.; sugar, 1 1/2 lbs. Digest for 6 hours.

_Creme d'Orange of Superior Flavor._

Take 3 doz. middling sized oranges; orange-flower water, 2 qts.; loaf sugar, 18 lbs.; spirit of wine, 2 galls.; tincture of saffron, 1 1/2 oz.; water, 4 1/2 galls. This will produce 7 1/2 galls.

Cut the oranges in slices, put them into a cask, add the spirit and orange-flower water, let it stand a fortnight, then boil the sugar in the water for 1/2 an hour, pour it out, and let it stand till cold, then add it to the mixture in the cask, and put in the tincture of Saffron. Let it remain a fortnight longer, then strain, and proceed as directed in the receipt for Cremes de Barbades, and a very fine cordial will be produced.

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