Golfsmith - How to save up to 60%

The Golfsmith has HOT deals where you can save up to 60%.  The Golfsmith Outlet is where you will find the largest savings. Its a tab on the Golfsmith web site.  Golfsmith has clubs, balls bags, apparel and accessories everything you would want.  Golfsmith is one of the webs largest retailers of golf clubs and accessories.  Golfsmith has golf clubs, calls bags/travel covers, apparel, shoes, gloves, gifts, training aids, grip kits, accessories and more.  Click here to save up to 60% at Golfsmith!

Golfsmith massive selection

Golfsmith simply is likely to have EVERYTHING that you need for you golf game.  Thousands of golf golf items.  They have all of the major brands: Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, Spaulding, Taylor Made, etc.  Golfsmith has over 230 grips alone.  Over 2,000 components for custom clubs.


Golfsmith custom clubs

Golfsmith sells components of the golf clubs.  Either you can buy the individual components and assemble them yourself.  Alternatively, Golfsmith will assemble the components that you choose for an additional charge.  Golfsmith has over 2,000 individual components alone.  YOU choose the heads, shafts, grips and headcovers.  There are two reasons to do this:

  • Cost savings For example a new Taylor Made driver can cost $400.  To put together you own driver with the Golfsmith and other component parts, you can make one for $150-$200.  It will not be a Taylor Made driver exactly, but in some ways it may be better.

  • Ability to customize you golf club - For example, you could choose the UST Proforce shaft which many golfers think are BETTER than the standard factory shafts.  Many other high quality components are available.

Golfsmith designs, tests and creates innovative custom-fit golf club components for consumers and clubmakers. Golfsmith remains the only golf retailer to design and market custom-fit golf clubs, golf club components, club assembly tools and golf accessories under proprietary brands, which include Lynx, Snake Eyes, Golfsmith, Harvey Penick and Killer Bee.

Golfsmith 90 Day/90% Playability Guarantee:

1) Buy it.  2) Try it.  3) Keep it or return it.  4) Get another.

Here's how it works. If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 90 days after your club purchase, return your clubs to Golfsmith and receive a credit of up to 90%* of the original purchase price toward the purchase of another club. It's that easy to buy your clubs with confidence. Finally, a test drive for golf clubs -- brought to you by Golfsmith.


Golfsmith Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price that Golfsmith, they will more than match it! If you show Golfsmith a lower price advertised on a current, identical brand-name product, Golfsmith will match the price PLUS 15% of the difference. Some restrictions apply.

Golfsmith Harvey Penick Golf Academy

To help you achieve a meaningful return on your golf investments, Golfsmith also runs the Harvey Penick Golf Academy, which has taught Mr. Penick's renowned golf techniques to more than 17,000 golfers from around the world.


Golfsmith Gift Cards

Golfsmith has gift cards in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100 and $500.  These are perfect for gifts.


About Golfsmith

Golfsmith International, Inc was founded by Carl Paul over 36 years ago in 1967.  Golfsmith has been working to provide customers the most innovative golf products, the most reliable customer service and the greatest value in the golf retail industry.  While much has changed over the years at Golfsmith, one thing remains the same: their commitment to providing you with the most convenient, trustworthy customer service in the industry. Its a standard our founder, Carl Paul, set more than a quarter century ago. And, its a tradition Golfsmith upholds today through a wide range of innovative customer services.

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