Dog Italian Charms

Dog Italian Charms - the best available

There are many great types of dog jewelry available.  You want something that reminds you of the most special animal in the world.  There are a number of plain silver and gold charms available.  Our favorite and probably the best selling dog jewelry right now are the dog Italian charms.  There are many breeds available including: Black Labrador, Yellow Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Springer Spaniel, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel and more.


Dog Italian Charms - best places to buy

Pugster has a superb selection on dog charms for Italian bracelets.  They have over 40 dog breeds with more on the way.  These charms are manufactured by both Toscana and Casa D'Oro.  The Toscana charms are made in Italy. You can pick out the charms you like to make your own customized bracelet.  Feature your favorite dog breed and then add additional links that you like.  You can choose from thousands of other charms at Pugster.  These bracelets are for dog lovers of ALL ages (the average age is over 30).  Many grandmothers wear these with their favorite canine.  Here are just SOME of the images of these dog charms - they have many more:

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