Design your own engagement ring

When your design your own engagement ring, you want to do it with the very best.  You want the widest selection and the maximum flexibility.  Blue Nile has quickly become THE place to design your own engagement ring.  I recommend Blue Nile because:

  1. Blue Nile has a massive selection of over 20,000 diamonds in all of the popular cuts including Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear and even Heart.  Their interactive diamond selection tool makes it very easy to design your own engagement ring.  This massive inventory is just something that your corner jeweler cannot match.

  2. The diamonds at Blue Nile are GIA certified.  This gives you a consistency in comparing diamonds.  GIA certification should be something that you REQUIRE before you buy any diamond.

  3. Great prices.  Blue Nile's volume and low costs mean that you get a great price when you design your engagement ring.

  4. Great customer service

  5. Free Shipping and 30 day returns.


Design your ring with either Platinum or 18K Gold:

At Blue Nile you can choose from Platinum or 18K Gold.


Choosing a setting for you engagement ring design:

Choose from Classic Solitaire, Three Stone, Settings with Side stones (typically Baguettes) or settings with matching bands.  You can also set a price range for your setting.


Choose a ring size for your engagement design.

If you do not know the ring size and the ring is a surprise, you can ask your partner's mother, family member or friend.  Or borrow one of your partners rings ad slide it down a tapered candle and measure that.


Now you have exactly the engagement ring that you wanted, and it's YOUR original unique design.  Nothing could please her more. Congratulations!


Design your own engagement ring now!


Updated 1/9/04

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