Custard recipes

_Orange Custards._

Boil very tender the rind of half a Seville orange and beat it in a mortar until it is very fine, put to it a teaspoonful of the best brandy, the juice of a Seville orange, 4 ounces of loaf sugar, and the yolk of 4 eggs. Beat them all together for ten minutes, and then pour in by degrees a pint of boiling cream; beat them until cold, then put them in custard cups, in a dish of hot water, let them stand till they are set, then take them out and stick preserved orange-peel on the top. This forms a fine flavored dish, and may be served up hot or cold.

_Baked Custards._

Boil a pint of cream with some mace and cinnamon, and when it is cold, take 4 yolks of egg, a little rose-water, red wine, nutmeg, and sugar, to taste; mix them well and bake them.

_Rice Custards._

Put a blade of mace and a quartered nutmeg into a quart of cream; boil and strain it, and add to it some boiled rice and a little brandy. Sweeten it to taste, stir it till it thickens, and serve it up in cups or in a dish; it may be used either hot or cold.

_Almond Custards._

Blanch 1/4 of a pound of almonds, beat them very fine, and then put them into a pint of cream, with 2 spoonfuls of rose-water; sweeten it, and put in the yolks of 4 eggs; stir them well together till the mixture becomes thick' and then pour it into cups.

_Lemon Custards._

Take 1/2 a pound of double refined sugar, the juice of 2 lemons, the rind of 1 pared very thin the inner rind of 1 boiled tender and rubbed through a sieve, and a pint of white wine, boil them for some time, then take out the peel and a little of the liquor; strain them into the dish, stir them well together and set them to cool.

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