Old fashioned bun recipes

_Common Buns._

Rub 4 ounces of butter into 2 pounce of flour, a little salt, 4 ounces of sugar, a dessertspoonful of caraways, and a teaspoonful of ginger; put some warm milk or cream to 4 tablespoonsful of yeast; mix all together into a paste, but not too stiff; cover it over and set it before the fire an hour to rise, then make it into buns, put them on a tin, set them before the fire for 1/4 of an hour, cover over with flannel, then brush them with very warm milk and bake them of a nice brown in a moderate oven.

_Cross Buns._

Put 2 1/2 pounds of fine flour into a wooden bowl, and set it before the fire to warm; then add 1/2 a pound of sifted sugar, some coriander seed, cinnamon and mace powdered fine; melt 1/2 a pound of butter in 1/2 a pint of milk; when it is as warm as the finger can bear, mix with it 3 tablespoonfuls of very thick yeast, and a little salt; put it to the flour, mix it to a paste, and make the buns as directed in the last receipt. Put a cross on the top, not very deep.

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