Household Cyclopedia - Agricultural

Household Information - Agricultural

Following are agricultural oriented articles from the book published  in 1881 called the Household Cyclopedia of General Information.  They offer a fascinating historical perspective of what life was like in 1881 and what methods they used to farm. 


How do plants make food?
Humus soil
Guano fertilizer
Mineral matter in plants
Mineral fertilizer
The composition of soil
Clayey soil
Information on soil
Soil tillage
Best methods of harrowing
The history of the thrashing machine
How to make composts
Converting moss into manure
What is marl?
Seaweed farming
Varieties of Wheat
Sowing wheat
How does corn grow?
Diseases of wheat
Managing the wheat harvest.
Information on barley
Varieties of oats
What is rye?
Cultivation of beans
Cultivating tares
How to grow potatoes
Making starch from frosted potatoes
How to grow turnips
Usefulness of the hedgehog in farming
Getting rid of weeds
Banishing crows
Growing outdoor hemp
Cultivating the flax crop
Growing hops
Hay making
Straw feeding
Straw as litter
Landscaping drainage
Constructing drains
Planting thorn hedges
Growing oak trees
Growing sugar cane
Tapping for sugar
How to grow tobacco
Rearing silk worms
White mulberry trees
How to make a gravel path
How to build a green house
How to graft a tree
What is grafting?
How to sow seeds
Transplanting plants
Fruit tree care

All about Trees
How to plant a tree
Growing apple trees
How to grow fruit trees
Managing fruit orchards
How to grow pineapple
Planting grape vines
Pruning grape vines
Curing disease in apple trees
Curing blight in Fruit trees
How to grow cucumbers
How to grow rhubarb
How to grow onions.
How to grow asparagus
How to grow radishes
How to grow sunflowers
When to pick fruits
How to plant shrubs
How to grow moss
What is heliotrope?


Farm Animals:

Poultry care: Fattening poultry
How to raise pheasants
Young chicken care
Hatching chicken eggs
How to feed bees
Honey bee queens
The teeth of a horse
Horse wounds
Diseases in horses' feet
How to tell the age of cattle


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