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The Great Republic By the Master Historians Vol. IV

The following articles are excerpts from Volume IV of the Great Republic by the Master Historians. The book was published in 1902 and edited by renowned American historian Hubert H. Bancroft. It covers United States history from the period before Columbus' arrival through the French and Indian War. Within the book, Bancroft comments on each historical event, as well as includes more detailed accounts by other historians. For individual topics click on a link below.

Cuban history: The treaty of Zanjon
Causes of the Spanish American war
The De Lome letter
The sinking of the Maine
Spanish American War: Preparation
The Spanish American war: American blockade of the Philippines
Philippines history
Commodore Dewey and the Spanish American war
Spanish American War Information
The battle of Manila Bay
Correspondence of Commodore George Dewey
Results of Battle of Manila Bay
The destruction of Admiral Cervera's fleet
Battle of Santiago de Cuba
The Spanish american War: The battleship Oregon
The battle of San Juan Hill
The results of the spanish american war
Personal accounts of war: The Spanish American war
Puerto Rico Information: Invasion during the Spanish American war
The Spanish American War: The Treaty of Paris
The annexation of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico and the United States
The status of Cuba following the Spanish American war
History of Cuba: After the Spanish American war
Cuban history: Maximo Gomez y Baez
History of Hawaii
Hawaii as a United States territory
Debate over the annexation of Hawaii
The Philippines of the early twentieth century
The United States and the Philippines
Proclamation of amnesty in the Philippines by the United States
Admiral Dewey on the Philippines
United States imperialism: The Philippines
The question of the Philippines
The Samoan Islands at the turn of the century
Guam history: Guam at the turn of the century
General Joseph Wheeler biography
US foreign trade history: Status after the Spanish American war
United States and China trade history
United States Industrial Revolution of the 19th century
United States trade history: Status at the turn of the twentieth century
The American farmer at the turn of the twentieth century
United States economic history: Warnings at the turn of the twentieth century
American history of the 19th century: Scientific progress
Using water from Niagara Falls for power
American medical history in the nineteenth century
Military Science in the nineteenth century
History of the printing press: The nineteenth century
Philadelphia history: Early American literature
Literature history: American literary magazines of the 19th century
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow biography
Ralph Waldo Emerson biography
New England Literature of the 19th century
Famous American historians of the 19th century
Literature in the American south before the Civil War
Summary of American literature through the 19th century
19th century education
United States history in early 1900's
History of the United States and China up until 1900
Suez canal history
United States Navy history: Debate at the turn of the 20th century
The election and assassination of President William McKinley
President William McKinley's final address
Eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902
History of Martinique up until 1900

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