Prepared microscope slides: Cataloguing

As a collection grows, the student will need some device for locating readily any particular preparation. Some have their slides numbered and catalogued, but all devices of this sort are too cumbrous and slow for the practical worker in the laboratory. After thirty years' experience with a collection which now numbers more than thirty thousand preparations, we recommend the following system:

Four wooden slide boxes of the usual type will do for a beginning; they should be labeled: THALLOPHYTES, BRYOPHYTES, PTERIDOPHYTES, and SPERMATOPHYTES. As the collection grows and new boxes are needed, the classification can be made more definite, e.g., there should be a box labeled BRYOPHYTES Hepaticae and one labeled BRYOPHYTES Musci. As the liverwort collection grows, three boxes will be necessary, and should be labeled BRYOPHYTES Hepaticae Marchantiales, BRYOPHYTES Hepaticae Jungermanniales, and BRYOPHYTES Hepaticae Anthocerotales. It will readily be seen that the process can be continued almost indefinitely, and that new slide.

The beginner will often find that the mere placing of a slide in the proper box and the box in its proper place on the shelf will refresh or increase his knowledge of classification. While this system is almost ideal for the careful worker, especially if he has some knowledge of classification, it is the worst possible method for a careless student since a slide in the wrong box is almost hopelessly lost if the collection is large enough to need thorough classifying.

**Label for slide box**




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