Microscope slide labelling

We should say that the first thing to write upon a label is the genus and species of the plant; the next thing would be the name of the organ or tissue, and then might be added the date of collection, e.g., Marchanita polymorpha, young archegonia, January 10, 1915. The date of making the preparation is of no value unless the student is testing the permanence of stains or something of that sort. It is hardly worth while to write upon the label the names of the stains used, for the student will soon learn to recognize the principal stains. A hasty sketch on the label will often indicate any exceptionally interesting feature in the preparation. To facilitate finding such a feature, it is a good plan to mark the particular section or sections with ink, the marking being always on the underside of the slide so as not to cause any inconvenience if an immersion lens should be used.


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