Mayer's Fixative

Mayer's. Fixative.-Sections must be firmly fixed to the slide, or they will be washed off during the processes involved in staining. Mayor's albumen fixative is excellent for this purpose. Formula:

White of egg (active principle).................. 50 c.c. Glycerin (to keep it from drying up) ............ 50 c.c. Salicylate of. soda (antiseptic, to keep out bacteria, etc.).......................................1 g.

Shake well and filter through cheese-cloth. It will keep from 2 to 6 months, but, to say the least, it is never better than when first made up. Of course, white of egg may be used alone, since the other two ingredients are merely incidental. Put a small drop of fixative on the slide, smear it evenly over the surface, and then wipe it off with a clean finger until only a scarcely perceptible film remains; then add several drops of distilled water and float the sections or ribbons on the water. Warm gently until the paraffin becomes smooth and free from wrinkles. Wrinkled or curved ribbons may be straightened by touching with a needle at each end and pulling gently, just as the ribbon begins to smooth out in the warming. Be careful not to melt the paraffin, for the albumen of the fixative coagulates with less heat than is required to melt the paraffin. If the paraffin should melt, run some cold water under it, and transfer the ribbon to another slide, prepared with fixative and water. It is a very good plan to put the slide on a metal bath or warming plate. After the sections have become smooth, remove the surplus water and leave them on the bath with a couple of thicknesses of blotting paper under them for 3 or 4 hours, or, better, over night. If the fixative is used alone, as is often the case when sections are very thick, none of the delay is necessary, since the sections are merely laid upon the fixative and pressed down gently with the finger.

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