Rabbit hunting tips

In approaching these wary animals, a degree of caution is necessary, so as not to disturb them. It is well, therefore, never to advance in a straight line, or even look directly towards them; walk leisurely along in the face of the wind; stoop and pick up, or appear to pick up, a bough or piece of turf, or to examine any matter before you, and such conduct will often throw them off their guard. While doing this, if a dog is with you, keep him close; your clothes, also, should be dark, so as not to be seen on the approach a long way off. When you have ventured as near as they will allow without retreating to their earth, then stoop. When storms arise, the intervals between are often favorable for getting near rabbits, particularly when the wind blows from them to you. When a number are come upon suddenly at the edge of a wood frequented by them, it often happens that the old ones will immediately take the covert; but not so the young ones, who prick up their ears, and perhaps raise themselves up to examine you; now take your shot.

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