Mink trapping tips

These can be taken either on land or water, the land is generally preferred by trappers. The trap is set near the bank of a stream. If one of their holes cannot be found, make one. Three sides of the cavity should be barricaded with stone, bark or wood, and the trap set in the entrance. For bait, use fish, bird or muskrat, cut in small pieces and placed in the hole beyond the trap so that the mink will be obliged to step over the trap to get it. Cover the trap with leaves, grass or feathers. In the coldest weather, smoke the bait to give it a stronger scent. The best scent for attracting mink is made as follows: Get some eels, trout or minnows, and cut up into small pieces, put them into a loosely corked bottle and hang it in the sun for two or three weeks in summer, an oil will be formed on the top which emits a very strong odor. Sprinkle a few drops of this oil on the bait and around the trap. It will be sure to draw mink from some distance. The chain of the trap should be fastened to a spring pole to lift the animal out of the reach of depredators, or if the trap is set near water it should be attached to the sliding pole, so as to drown it at once..

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