What is the best live fishing bait?

The common angle worm is a universal bait for fresh water angling. They grow almost everywhere except in sandy soils. The common white grub is also used successfully in trout fishing. They are found in fresh ploughed earth, and under old stumps, decaying foliage, etc. The grasshopper is also good for trout in his season. The trout or salmon spawn will attract trout quicker than any other possible bait, but it is not always to be had. Catapillars, flies, locusts, beetles, etc., are good for trout.

Live bait consists of the minnow, the shiner (or mullet), the goldfish and other small fish. Ponds of these fish are kept by those who furnish baits, and by some habitual sportsmen.

The frog is an excellent bait for pickerel. They are sometimes used whole, but in case where you use the hind legs only, they should be skinned.

For saltwater fishing, the shrimp is the leading bait. The shedder crab, in its season, is most excellent, particularly for striped bass. The soft shell clam, cut in small pieces, is a good bait for many kinds of sea fish. The horse mackerel or small blue fish is an excellent bait. Where the tide runs swift, use the tail, leaving on the fins.

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