Fox trapping tips

There are several methods of catching this cautious animal. The trap should be concealed in a bed of ashes, leaves, or chaff, taking care that the trap is well smeared with blood or bee's wax. Fasten to a clog so that he can move about when caught. To make the allurement doubly sure, obtain from the female of the dog, fox or wolf, the matrix, in the season of coition, and preserve it in alcohol, tightly corked. Leave a small portion of it on something near the trap; also, when visiting the traps, put some on your boots. Make a trail in different directions round the trap. A piece of raw flesh may also be dragged about. Be sure and leave everything around the trap and vicinity as natural as possible. Another good plan is to get some earth from a kennel where a tame fox is kept. Set the trap in it.

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