Fishing facts: Lines

Lines are made of India grass, of silk alone, silk and hair, of hemp, of flax, and of cotton. Gut lines are also made, but are not easily managed. The best trout lines are made of India grass, though silk, or silk and hair are frequently used in trout fishing. Trout lines are usually from eight to eighteen yards long, and of various degrees of fineness according to the size of the fish angled for, or clearness of the stream. Salmon, bass, and pickerel lines are made from hemp, flax, silk, grass or hair, and vary in length from 30 to 150 yards. Cotton and hemp lines are made for trolling purposes, and for fishing seafish generally. The length of these will vary according to the condition or depth of your fishing grounds. The size of all lines should vary according to the state of the streams or size of your fish. Clear streams require as small lines as will answer the purpose. If you have a good multiplying reel, the line should be as long as the reel will carry.

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