Tools for fishing: Hooks

The old Kirby hook is now generally superseded by the Limerick, which is considered the best fish hook made. We subjoin the different sizes and numbers, which will be hereafter referred to in these pages. In cases where we have recommended the Kirby, you will find the size of that hook to correspond exactly with the numbers of the Limerick. The trout hook is used for the small fry, while the salmon hook is attached to the tackle for catching that fish, and also other large lake and river fish, etc.

Besides the regular Limerick and Kirby hooks, whose sizes and numbers correspond with the foregoing plates, we have given on the cover of this work a plate of "blackfish hooks," of different patterns and sizes for bottom fishing - also pickerel hooks, the snapspring hook, etc., with numbers and explanations. You should examine the point and barb of each hook to see that it is perfect, and file it if it is not. Always have a small file with you.

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