Blue fish fishing: How to catch blue fish

These fish abound in all the waters of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut and the catching of them is an exciting sport. The tackle consists of a large hook, attached to an ivory or white bone imitation of a small fish. In the absence of this gear, a common cod-line, with a piece of red flannel wound round the cord close to the heel of the hook, so as to form a cylinder about half an inch in diameter, will answer a very good purpose.

For blue fishing you need a quick working boat, and at least a five knot breeze, for the fish are taken by trolling. Throw your line overboard, and make fast at the stern of the boat, while under full headway. The hook will drag near or on the surface of the water, and the blue fish will snap at the bait, taking it on the wing, as it were. When he gets on, pull in, and be sure you keep a taut line all the time, or the fish will escape. If you succeed in getting him into the boat, hit him over the head with a club, for he has teeth, and has been known to bite when he could not help it. He is very active and will be troublesome if not silenced as directed. Take the wind abeam, with tacks of two or three miles, makes the pleasantest sailing

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