What are the best fishing times?

The "regular season" for fishing is between the months of April and November. The best time of the day for angling is, during the summer months, from sunrise to two or three hours after, and from two hours preceding sunset until an hour after that time. IN the colder months the best hours are from twelve to three, for the fish are shy at biting until the air is warmed by the sun. A warm lowering day is, of all others, the most propitious; on a cloudy day, also, succeeding a moonlight night, the fish will bite readily; the most favorable winds are south and southwest - easterly, the most unfavorable.

When fishing, keep at some distance from the margin of the stream, so that your shadow may not fall upon the water, and frighten away the fish; to avoid the same consequences, do not indulge in laughter or loud conversation.

If the water be still, throw in small pieces of ground bait; if a strong current, large pieces; do this quietly and cautiously, for fish are so wary and suspicious, that it requires the nicest delicacy and management to circumvent them.

When the wind blows right across the water, fish with your back to the wind, as you will not only be able to throw your line better, but the fish will be on that side, attracted thither by the flies and other natural bait which the wind will blow into it.

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