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Chapter 2

Stealth footsteps through the hallway of time,
a hearts burden.
Through the eyes of my life I've seen many aches and sorrows,
stillborn in my effort to revive these dreams.
Oh how does the hate grow?
Every waking moment is a ghost of
failure that makes me grows so cold.

Courage is not found in a bottle,
tears shed the blood of my mistakes.
This stillness of the darkness is the only light I have.
A little spark,
a dire age gave me an eternal dream.
The ink well was dry and the quill was dying in my
hand, words from long ago ignited a war flame inside.

As the candlelight fades before the poet sleeps,
wishes for life are upon your soul.
"love is the will, unity is the family,
dreams are the souls of humanity".
Blindness restores my vision as I close the book
to my nightmares and I can breathe the fresh air of another day.

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