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Chapter 78

Call upon my name, dear child.

Release your body to my hands,

learn to love freely within my arms.

Kiss my dead lips for the life you crave.

Open these tired eyes within your mind,

unbind your heart like the book it is bound too.

Wilt away the aged petals so I can enjoy your raw beauty,

display these dreams you have so I can them real.

Whisper all of the ancient pomes in my deaf ears,

lay your head on my still chest for the demons sleep at last.

Intertwined flames become a blackened crystal gate,

it opens to submit us to hell.
I feel your web of deceit captivate my heart,

your hunger excites my dark soul.

Our hands unite under the crimson ceiling.

Sacrificed monks dressed in Death’s cloaks pray in the temple of the damned.

My darling, your anguish is my freedom,

I drink from your tears.

Shades protect your essence,

if I ever shall not return.

Dip your finger in blood,

write to me with a Goddess will as I lay entombed within your heart forever.

Brand the old symbols on your skin,

carry the template with your arms.

Die only for the love you live for and drown the nightmares that haunts my beloved demoness.

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