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Chapter 6

“Heed my presage for darkness conspires in this

infantile age.

Summon forth all aid that can be,

forge alliance with those that will be.

War cannot be circumvented by our means nor of mortal urges.

Our existence in question will be expunged.”

Rise angels, tomorrow brings death and destiny.

Darkness engulfs the earth,

humans lay in peril’s path.

Bring forth hearts of steel and the Gods’ scorn into battle.

Muster among twilight’s scorching shield for deployment,

fear not the hour of death but deliver this hour unto they foes.

Every race has been inducted into this war,

Spring’s wind carries courage as the days wonder on by.

Fields lay in horrid disarray,

Blood nurtures the graves for the dead.

Human’s entomb yourselves with faith and embitter thy enemies with an epic heart.

Turn to Gaea,

Her womb is yours to partake in.

Align the dreams of victory with the nightmares of savagery,

forestall your demise on earth.

Summer’s rain quenches the wounded's thirst for life.

Cross the threshold of death and into Hades’ castle with a staunch valor.

Elves listen to thy forest homes die from evil’s campaign.

Crono’s fate lies in your hearts,

Autumn becomes a strong magic in your soul.

Stop weeping for yourselves,

Begin anew with nature’s fury.

Stand watch in midnights glow,

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