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Chapter 1

Sirens spread news of horror and dismay,
a war underway by a wicked government.
Souls march off to bottled ships in a greasy harbor,
private thoughts reign with an iron fist.
Early morning growls of diesel engines haunt children's minds.

Supplies shipped to firebases with haste,
letters going home,
found a backseat in a shot down cargo plane.
Passenger trains bringing home wounded soldiers,
naval fleets parade around the ocean with a grim stance.
Newspapers compounded by conflicting emotions,
television shows lost their sparkle.

Frigid days lay ahead,
seasons change from summer to fall.
There is no end in sight,
massive frontal assaults bleed the troops dry.
New tanks hit the front lines,
bombs shred the beautiful cities.
Death waits in deep black shadows.

Silent words hang left between families,
funerals reinforce this new tradition.
Calls reach home with a maddening rate,
emotional release is a new drug.
Introduced by military commanders,
psychological war on the home front.

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