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Chapter 4

Black sunset is watching me closely,
I have backed away in numbness.
Seriously in these thoughts as I observe this world's fall,
composing an eternal eulogy for them.
My mind is tumbling as my pen scribbles across the page.
Nights come to me with a needful passion,
embracing my deepest levels.
Trusting my instincts on bleakest issues,
extending my hand to these tormented souls.

Pity, I couldn't express these boring rituals of the humanoids,
I regret the fact that they cannot be saved.
Never is a cold bred word to say,
ever sounding a defeatist.
Sadly, I note self-blinding to mortal consequences,
I will not hover among the sickened angels.
Howls from the moon will not sever my bond to this world,
diehard to the end.
I will stand among the crumbling statues.

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