Foster Care Handbook: Behavior - Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Chapter 11, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 11

Let's Get Fixed

The kids are full of confusion and hurt. Unless they have a severe behavior problem, it's important to deal with each situation as it arises:

  • Stop fighting
  • Where's your agenda book?
  • Talk softer
  • Pick up your clothes
  • No cussing
  • Bedtime is 9:30
  • Ask first
  • Those clothes are not appropriate

Then, follow it up with:

  • Thank you for listening.
  • That's so much better.
  • Let's remember we had this conversation.

Or some other positive reinforcement indicating you recognized their change in behavior.

The main job of the professional therapist is to understand their problem and give them coping mechanisms. Their recurring memories are often the underlying problem of unacceptable behavior. If their thinking changes, their behavior will change.

In our county we have Therapeutic Behavior Specialists (TBS) who will come to the home and work with difficult behaviors.

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