Foster Care Handbook: Behavior - Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Chapter 3, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 3

A New Adventure for Everyone

Either you get a call to pick up the child at a predetermined location where they will be accompanied by a Social Worker with a notebook containing whatever information they have or they will be brought to your home.

A suitcase or most likely a bag will contain their belongings.

First introduction is softened with a tour of the facilities, showing the room, then a tour of the kitchen with an offer for a cold drink or a snack.

A quiet conversation as to the rules, who are the other members of the household, and questions on their favorite food, any clothes they need and when appropriate - a tour of the neighborhood and location of schools.

Most likely there will be a short honeymoon period and after a few days their problem behavior will start to surface and be prepared to handle any problems, call the Social Worker with any concerns and try early on to set up structure and limits.

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