Foster Care Handbook: Behavior - Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Chapter 8, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 8

The Most Important Thing in The World

Food is very important to these children. They usually ask what's for dinner before they eat their breakfast. Many were deprived of food, lived in cars or lived with a sparse supply.

At first I take them shopping to pick out what they like. We keep the sugar cereals to a minimum and always have the variety packs on hand.

We try to cook a few meals a week from scratch like meatloaf, beef stew, corned beef and cabbage.

With our teenage boys we keep the large cartons of burritos in the freezer and they'll take what they want and microwave them for a snack. If it's a breakfast burrito, they'll make their own breakfast. We keep canned food they like and let them cook their own as snacks after school.

We tried letting them work in the kitchen, but for the most part they need to be carefully supervised. Salt instead of sugar ends up in the cookies, major messes are left behind, but they had a great time.

Eating out is usually limited to once a week, but they're always stopping for a fast meal if we're on the run. A donut and milk at the donut shop is a real treat.

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