Bakers Dozen: Creative Writing Workbook (Chapter 1, page 2 of 4)

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Chapter 1

The classic movie E.T. could have happened in just about any other suburban locality. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was mainly a mystery that could have taken place in almost any small town.

Write five examples of books, movies, songs or television shows in which the setting is non-essential. Briefly describe the setting in each.

III. Putting it together A. Here is a setting for a story.

Earth in present times. The season is winter. It takes place in a house in Colorado that is cut off from the rest of the world. A blizzard has come and practically buried the house. One man is trapped inside. In this example, the setting is essential.

B. Here is a nonessential setting Earth in present times. A little town called Twiddle is visited one fine summer day by friendly aliens. The action takes place in several places in the town but especially in a patch of woods on the edge of town and in the jail in the center of town.

C. Write your own setting by filling in the blanks below with the names of places called for. After you have answered the questions, write a brief description of your setting in a separate paragraph.

1. planet 2. country/region 3. town/natural setting 4. specific place in #3 (such as a cave or the post office)

5. time in history 6. time of day 7. time of year Is your setting essential or nonessential? Explain.

D. Besides establishing a time and a place for a story, setting can help to establish a mood, atmosphere, or tone.

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