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Chapter 1

This workbook is not the know all, end all of creative writing textbooks. It is designed to get the reader to think, but most of all to write. Feel free to work all the exercises or just a few. It briefly covers the basics of fiction writing and poetry writing. Enjoy the journey.

Setting: The backdrop of a work that includes these: place: world, country, city, building, room, and so on.

It can also be the natural world: for example, a graveyard, in a jungle, or on the banks of a river.

time: a historical time, such as the civil war or modern times; time of day, such as night, day, afternoon etc.; or the time of year, such as winter, spring, fall, and summer.

I. At times the setting is essential -- in other words, the story could not have taken place as it did in another setting.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn could not take place as it did in any other setting. The historical time was essential because Jim was a runaway slave. The place was important. The Mississippi had symbolic importance.

The book Dune by Frank Herbert had a setting that was essential. Dune was a desert planet and everything that happened in the book happened because Dune was a desert planet.

Write five examples of books, movies, songs, or television shows in which the setting is essential and explain why it is essential.

II. At times the setting is nonessential. In other words, the story could have happened pretty much the same way somewhere else.

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