Bakers Dozen: Creative Writing Workbook (Chapter 7, page 2 of 2)

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Chapter 7

For example: scene one takes place along the beach at night where two guys are robbing a tourist. This scene introduces character, conflict, and other expository elements.

Scene two takes place the next morning. A beachcomber finds the tourist dead. He checks into his pockets and finds he is a U.S. Senator. This scene advances the plot.


Assignment Two: Write an opening scene for your story.

Assignment Three: Write a middle scene for your story.

Assignment Four: All right. Here you go. Finish your story. Proofread it sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, using the techniques explained in this text to test their effectiveness. Read your story aloud. You will "hear" it much better. Before you slap your story into an envelope and mail it, let someone who will give you an honest critique read it. Then, read the magazine that you want to send your story to. Then and only then, mail it off.

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