Bakers Dozen: Creative Writing Workbook (Chapter 2, page 2 of 3)

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Chapter 2

II. Warm-up writing A. Find one song or poem that tells a story; write a paragraph or sketch pictures that outline the plot.

B. Write the basic plot of a movie you enjoyed.

C. Write the basic plot of a book or story you have read.

(For an alternative assignment, outline the plot in a series of sketches or pictures like a comic book. You don't draw anymore? Why not? Be a kid. Loose that imagination. You won't regret it.)

D. List the main events in a work, but list them out of chronological order. (at least 10 steps) Exchange your list with a peer in your writing group and try to rearrange the event in chronological order. (If you wish, you may do the same with pictures or drawings.)

E. In groups, write out examples of the elements of plot. Follow these directions. (The elements of plot don't necessarily have to go together.)

1. First, describe or illustrate a setting.

2. In general terms, describe an incident that begins the action and suspense.

3. Add two complications.

4. Put all the settings in one can, the first incidents in another, and the complications in another.

5. Each group selects one setting, one incident, and two complications.

6. The group uses these to improvise a story.

7. The group must add its own climax and resolution to end the story.

NOTE: For this to work, the elements of the plot need to be fairly general. For example: the setting might be a deserted island; the first incident might be one character insulting another; and the complications might be a fight and an illness.

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