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Chapter 10

Portable dishwashers Portable dishwashers are basically of two types: freestanding and countertop. While the former is more or less similar to the traditional dishwasher, the latter may sit in your kitchen sink. The market is full of a wide range of portable dishwashers - you can certainly choose one from them that suits you best. There should be no problem even if your kitchen is too small.

You can roll a freestanding portable dishwasher into the laundry room or set the device against a back wall in the kitchen. When you want to wash dishes, you just roll it out, plug it in, and attach it to your sink. From that point, it begins to work just like a traditional dishwasher. As far as quality of cleaning is concerned, these portable dishwashers are no less effective than their traditional counterparts. In quantitative terms, they are also capable of handling the same amount of dishes as a built-in dishwasher.

If space is a matter of concern, it makes sense to opt for a countertop dishwasher. More often than not, these countertop portable dishwashers are about the size of a big microwave. These devices can usually hold four place settings and have a basket or holder for flatware. Countertop dishwashers are available in two types. One of them, the more familiar and effective one, runs on electricity. The other type relies fully on water pressure that uses the sink to power the dishwasher. Portable dishwashers relying on water pressure are okay if the pressure is sufficient. However, electric dishwashers contain built-in water heaters, which save energy and get your dishes cleaner. When looking for either of these types of portable dishwasher, you should consider the number of wash levels, if it has an overflow control, if use of regular dishwasher powder is possible, and whether it has a 'delay start' option.

All leading companies like GE, Whirlpool make portable dishwashers of various sizes. GE portable dishwasher GSC3200BK has PowerScrub wash system with two wash arms and five wash levels. It has pushbutton controls with dial and a dual filtration system with hard food disposer. GE portable dishwasher GSC3400WH has three wash levels and delay start option. Having seven cycles, this device has PowerScrub wash and dual filtration. Kenmore's 17259 is Energy Star rated and uses 454 kwh/yr of electricity.

Maytag portable dishwasher MDC4650WH with microprocessor controls has four wash cycles, last cycle recall features, automatic temperature control and stainless steel hard food disposer. Whirlpool's DP840SWKX portable dishwasher features five automatic cycles, and also high-temperature wash and rinse.

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