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Chapter 5

The washing machine is an important everyday appliance in our homes these days. The market is full of different types of washing machines for consumers to choose from. For example, you can find front loaders or machines studded with bells and whistles, washer-dryer combinations or your simple conventional types. In order to buy one for your home, you have to carefully compare those washing machines and zero in on one that suits you best.

To compare washing machines, the following guidelines could prove useful.

Shop Around The first step consists of shopping around as many washing machine stores as you can and compare all available options. If there are similar models of washing machines, take notes to compare them. Taking written notes will make decision making a lot easier for you. Then log on to the web sites of the manufacturers for additional information on the washing machines you already have on your short list. These sites will help you compare the machines as they will also supply you technical specifications and warnings about them.

Do Research Collect information on manufacturer warranties and store-offered extended warranties. Check out whether they overlap or if they're truly extended warranties. This is important when you compare washing machines as you do not need to have the same warranty from two different companies. Seek advice from your friends or relatives who have recently purchased a washing machine. Their feedback can be of great help in your decision making.

Compare Prices Compare prices of the washing machines and the available payment options very carefully. For instance, one store may require no payments for six months but may charge you more the washing machine. Another store may allow you to price match and get the financing. Do not ignore the delivery part of the new washing machine. Compare also the costs of delivery that usually includes professional installation.

Here are some more suggestions. Most of us who buy washing machines for our homes are only concerned with the up-front costs, and hardly give a thought about the cost of electricity to be required for running them over their lifetime. Believe it or not, this might be a huge amount which, if saved, could almost cover the cost of buying the machine in the first place. So it is better to check for energy efficiency when you compare washing machines. As average washing machines waste a lot of energy, purchase an energy saving model. This will save you a considerable amount of hard-earned money.

It's true that many cheap washing machines are now available in the market. The question is: is it wise buying them? Frankly speaking, one should consider a lot of factors before hurrying to purchase one. It is common knowledge that most cheap washing machines are rather poorly made and are not durable enough. It means they are not cheap to repair. Such cheap washing machines are bound to prove much costlier in the long run.

In reality, as the machines get cheaper, the difference between repair and replacement costs also falls proportionately.

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