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Chapter 4

For a customer, it is necessary to consider a number of things to before choosing the best washing machine for him/her. The final choices will, however, be different for different customers depending on their individual requirements.

If you have a limited budget, the best washing machine for you could be a basic top-loading machine with convenience features that suit your "laundry-style." These washing machines will cost you between $250 and $500.

In case you can afford $700 or more, you can think of a more efficient front-loader or one of the latest top-loading models that are more efficient than their previous versions. The front loading washing machines could be your best choice because of excellent washing, ample capacity, and quiet operation. There have been quite a few front-loading washing machines around for awhile. Among them, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, and Whirlpool washing machines are the best as they are usually more reliable than their Maytag counterparts.

If a choice has to be made between front loaders and new-technology top-loader, the former will be a better option. If you are seeking good performance at a modest price, your best washing machine should be a traditional top loader. These machines will offer you decent washing for $500 or less and include a large selection of reliable brands.

Energy usage is another factor which should play a key role in determining which washing machines are best for you. The Energy Star eligibility of the government, or any other suitable alternative criterion should be considered before making the final choice. Also take into account the noise factor. If you have to use your washing machine near the kitchen or a bedroom, front loading machines should be your best choice. They are usually very quiet; although a few top-loaders also show the same quality.

For small apartments and small families, compact washing machines should be the best choice. Such compact machines are generally 24" wide, about 3" less than that of conventional machines. These machines can typically handle a load of about 8 pounds. Some of these washing machines are permanently installed, while some may be rolled to the sink and connected to the water supply. Portable washing machines are the best options if there is no available washer hook-up or space for installing one. The choice of best washing machines should also be based on the choice of washer, proper detergent etc. And last but not least, be sure to find out how your machine will be serviced. A great model is no doubt great, but can also pose a problem if there is no one in your locality to service it.

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