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Chapter 8

The market these days is flooded with washing machines of various types catering to the needs of all sorts of customers. As a result, choosing the best washing machines among such a huge collection is never an easy task. Washing machines nowadays come with several attractive features, such as hot wash, pre-programmed wash cycles, delay timers and warning sounds. You can choose different wash programs for different types of clothes. These programs also help to minimize the monitoring needed during washing.

Choosing the best washing machines that suit your needs is a decision that will determine the time, effort and resources you have to spend in the washing process. As they consume a large amount of energy and water, the best washing machines for a customer will certainly be those that are the most energy-efficient. It is also important to consider how frequently you intend to use a machine, and what clothes you plan to wash.

If you happen to be a frequent washer, the best washing machines for you should be those having a stainless-steel tub. In case you do not wash too often, one with porcelain-coated steel or high-grade plastic will do. The space you have at your disposal is another key factor.

For those who have space constraints, the best washing machines to go for should be the compact ones, or stacking washer-dryer units in either full-size or apartment-size capacities. In the latter case, the washer size must match the dryer capacity. If your wash is made of a variety of fabrics and levels of dirtiness, the best washing machines for you should be those which offer specialty cycles such as delicate and extra soak, and also one for a second rinse. It is possible to have excellent results for different loads if they have multiple water-level settings. Some machines have he capability of boosting water temperature to sanitize a load. The noise a machine makes is certainly a matter of concern. So the best choice is the ones that operate quietly. You should, therefore, look for automatic temperature regulators, additional insulation and reinforced frames that can reduce noise.

Now, the question is: what type of washing machines will be the best for you - top loaders or front loaders? Both types have their pros and cons. It depends on the customer to judge and make the choice. Although front loading washing machines are more expensive, they are more energy efficient as well. They use less water and electricity and can dry clothes faster because it spins faster. Top loading washing machines are less costly, uses regular detergent and are available in several models. Taking all these factors into consideration, you have to judge which should be the best washing machines for you.

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