LEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla (Chapter 8, page 2 of 4)

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Chapter 8

"In whatever position I may put it, wherever I move in space, as far as I can reach, its soft pleasing light persists with undiminished brightness."

As the tube he holds begins to glow, he is demonstrating the safety of alternating current. The Edison agent rises and hurries from the hall. George Westinghouse in the front row leans forward and is all smiles. The audience applauds wildly. He continues by walking over to another object. "This is a motor that runs on only one wire, the return circuit occurring wirelessly in space. This knowledge will allow motors to run without any wires at all. There is energy in space, free for the taking."

In the 1890's Tesla's assistant, George Scherff is working with lead shields. In the laboratory, Tesla explains to George Scherff, "This equipment will photograph the insides of an object. It uses high-energy, radio frequencies. Come, let's try a few experiments."

Tesla washes his hands, then demonstrates x-ray techniques. "This is potentially very dangerous. Lead shields must be used. I understand Edison damaged his eyes from x-rays."

Scherff asks, "What is your input?"

"I use high-energy fields compared to ultra-violet or visible rays."

"What do you envision the end product to be?"

Tesla quickly responds, "medical purposes, but both people and equipment can be x-rayed."

* * *

A stack of fresh white linen napkins are beside Tesla's plate at a café. By the look in his eye he appears seriously troubled. A reporter is sitting across from him. They are drinking coffee, and Tesla is being interviewed.

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