LEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla (Chapter 10, page 2 of 2)

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Chapter 10

Tesla is getting firmer in his vision, "This tower has got to be much bigger. You must double the height."


"Yes, double. Don't you see? When our tower is complete, it will send not just more impulses to England, but light, pictures and power to Europe, and to the whole world!"

Tesla's gaze causes White to sit down at the table and begin immediately to alter the scale of the blueprints. White says, "I'd better tell them to stop building, but are you absolutely sure about this? Your costs can double as well."

Tesla responds, "With Morgan behind me, I have never been more sure of anything." They go outside. White speaks to the foreman who waves the workers to stop.

* * *

A year later the laboratory building is under construction. Tesla with a group of people are celebrating that the tower is finished. Tesla announces, "I've named the site Wardenclyffe and I envision employing 2,000 people at the World Broadcasting System."

The Mayor is pleased. He says, "We look forward to your success and will be intrigued watching the tower being completed."

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