LEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla (Chapter 9, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 9

Tesla laughs, "It's not my senses, it's my personality."

They all laugh together.

Mark Twain remarks, "Somewhere out in the universe I heard you and Einstein were working on some far out experiments."

"Don't know how the word got out, but we're curious about the relationship of time and space," responds Tesla.

So much of my attention has hit competition that my ideas are being stolen. I will not give up my concepts of power transmission and broadcasting."

Twain jokingly, "Someone needs to get the word out. The printed page takes so long." It's never easy to be ahead of one's time."

"You know Marconi won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his separate but parallel development of the wireless telegraph," says Tesla with disappointment, "using my patents."

Twain is very understanding, "You can only do so much. Quit fretting - the world is realizing what you have done; they just don't realize the hardships we all go through to make things happen."

"Humanity has not sufficiently advanced to be willingly led. Maybe in our present world at best revolutionary ideas are hampered and ill-treated to be put through the test of time and bitter trials and tribulations," says Tesla wistfully.

Twain says, "It lends itself to being attacked and ridiculed, but we learn to have thick skins. We writers have similar problems."

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