LEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla (Chapter 1, page 2 of 4)

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Chapter 1

Nikola became the fifth child, Dane an older brother, and three older sisters: Angelina, Mikla and Marica.

Milutin Tesla is the Reverend for a church close to his house and has a very devoted congregation.

* * *

A loaf of freshly cut bread is on the table with plates of small crumbs in front of the boys, Nikola is now 4 years old and Dane is 11 years old. They are sitting with their two of their older sisters, and there is a high chair against the wall indicating a younger child who is not present.

Djorka's fantastic needlework has been neatly placed on a table near the comfortable chair where she works. A spinning wheel is in a corner with a basket of various colors of dyed wool sheared from their sheep.

Nikola is watching his mother tinker, trying to fix a toy. She is showing a creative solution to a problem he's had. He is getting impatient. "But momma, I'm through with the toy. I can play with something else."

"Nikola", says his mother, "we must look for ways of making this work better. It's a challenge and there's much enjoyment left in this."

Nikola looks at her with fascination while she tinkers, then she smiles and hands him the toy. His eyes light up as he jumps off his chair and kisses her.

Nikola turns to Dane, "Come on, let's go outside and play with this now." Dane follows Nikola out of the kitchen. Mrs. Tesla puts away the few tools, walks to the window and watches the boys running outside playing with their newly repaired toy.

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