LEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla (Chapter 2, page 2 of 3)

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Chapter 2

The lower part of the disk rests in the water and the currents force it to turn. He finds endless pleasure in watching his crude device obtain power from the brook.

His boundless curiosity becomes such a very important part of his life.

Later that year Nikola and his dad hike into the forest. They are sitting on a log. His dad is instructing Nikola on how to create and maintain clear, visual images in his mind.

Gesturing with his hand, he says to Nikola, "Think of a ball. Think of a globe, a ball, a large colored ball. Close your eyes if you need to."

Nikola says, "I'm closing my eyes."

"That's fine", says Dad, "There, can you picture it?"

"I see a big blue ball. It's slowly turning," says Nikola excited. He wrinkles his brow in deep concentration.

"Now what do you see?" asks Dad.

"I'm changing it to green and making it smaller."

"That's wonderful," says Dad excitedly. "Now, split it in half. Can you do that?"

Nikola has calmed down now and says, "It's coming apart."

"Wonderful", says Dad, "now whenever you want to visualize anything, that's how you do it." He pauses, "If something bothers you, visualize something pleasant and it will change your mood."

* * *

Nikola has some friends, but he was often left out because he was more curious and serious about life than they were. One ay a fishing trip was planned because one of the boys had a new fishing line and hook. Nikola gets a glance of it, but they go off without him.

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