Jack Russell Terrier - Canine Companion or Demon Dog (Chapter 8, page 2 of 11)

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Chapter 8

Caring for your Jack Russell Please note that this information is provided as a rough overview and checklist of concerns to have tested. It should not be used in place of sound medical advice from your own veterinarian.


o CERF - Vision Testing

o Cataracts, Distichiasis, Glaucoma, PLL, PRA

o Primary Lens Luxation

o Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)


o BAER- Hearing Testing


o ASPCA Help Line

- 1-888-426-4435

o Avoid Skunks! - Their spray can be toxic to some Jacks and can cause convulsions, respiratory failure, facial ulcers and loss of consciousness.

o Raisins! - These are toxic to Jack Russell's and will cause renal failure

o http://www.terrier.com/breed/toxicity.php4 - a Guide to Possible Signs of Toxicity

o Consult a listing of poisonous plants such as the one found at http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/plants/index.html so that you know which ones to try to keep your Jack away form.


o Coonhound Paralysis. A neurological paralysis that caused flaccid paralysis and loss of bladder control and respiratory function. Believe to be an immune response to an allergy to Raccoon saliva. Often follows a Raccoon bite.

o Test for Canine Epilepsy

o Watch for signs of Ataxia


o Sub-Aortic Stenosis - a fatal heart disease o Von Willebrand's Disease- inherited bleeding disorder


o Kennel Cough- a mild self-limiting disease involving the trachea and bronchi of any age dog.

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