Jack Russell Terrier - Canine Companion or Demon Dog (Chapter 10, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 10

Moose is best known as the canine actor who played “Eddie” on the popular TV show Fraser, a spin-off of the classic Cheers sitcom. Moose’s expert timing and comical facial features made him one of the most popular actors on the show. Moose was also the star of the classic children’s movie “My Dog Skip” starring Frankie Muniz. As if TV and Film weren’t enough, Moose was also the lucky Jack Russell that parachuted into the half-time show with Seinfeld star Jason Alexander during the 1996 Super bowl.

Enzo is the wiry haired look-a-like son of Moose. As his father began to age and the stunts became too demanding for him Enzo stood in for him in the more challenging scenes on both Fraser and in “My Dog Skip”.

Although you likely won’t know Soccer by his real name, if you a parent of a child in the late 90’s you probably know him by his stage name, also the title of his popular children’s show, Wishbone. As Wishbone, Soccer has entertained millions of children worldwide and easily earned a reputation as one of the world’s most intelligent dogs. Soccer has gone to great lengths in the name of entertainment, even dressing up in costume and acting out classic stories; all the while bringing the unique personality and life of the Jack Russell to the screen.

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