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It is surely wrong to maintain that an autobiography is just a glorified ego-trip in print or that it should be the prerogative of the famous, notorious, rich or influential. Every life is unique and special.

It is now accepted that autobiographies are written - either by the subjects themselves of by 'ghost writers' - by even very young men and women who, through their fame or notoriety, skill in sport or drama or politics or even crime, have met other famous people or affected, in one way or another, the lives of others. However, there are some lives which do not fall into any of these categories. These are lives which simply have a background which, through no merit of the individual, no effort or virtue on his part, are very different from the comparative norm; a sort of life which starts very far away, in all senses, from where it is now. There is no obvious connection between the start and the present and the journey in between may well be full of surprises and providential interventions.

It is just this lack of an obvious link between my present life as a parish priest and venerable Canon in Woburn Sands (now retired!) and my origin in Poland that prompted this bursting into print - and the occasional updating - and the possibility that anyone reading this may gain some insight into recent history and acknowledge the inscrutable wisdom and providence of God.

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