Three Strikes - You Are Dead (Chapter 10, page 1 of 7)

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Chapter 10

The weather as well as the Combers became torridly hot as the season entered the first week of August. For the Combers, it was as if the wooden sticks they called bats was suddenly ignited by a stray spark.

The spark that ignited the Combers was 29 year Chaucer Swift Romney, an outfielder who could doe everything, hit, field, and run, and did it with an enthusiasm that made him an immediate favorite with fans and teammates alike. Romney had been bought up as a replacement for Christian.

Unfortunately for Stud, he found his season continuing to go south, as in South Pole. As a result, he found himself spending more time on the bench in favor of Romney.

The Combers were set to open a three game series against the Cobras at Whiskey Barrel Stadium.

It was the seventh inning of the first game and the Combers were down by a run. In one of his rare starts of late, Stud doubled down the left field line. He had barely reached second when he looked up and saw Romney coming out to run for him.

With his head hung, Stud took his time returning to the dugout, not caring that he was holding up the game. But the fans did and they weren't bashful about letting him know it.

The Combers came from behind and won the game 6 to 5, bringing the team's winning streak to seven straight.

Despite the win, Stud was glum as he undressed in his hotel room, leaving his clothes in a heap on the floor as usual. Though he was glad the team had won, it didn't keep him from being disappointed in himself. Failure wasn't something that came easy to him, and right now that was how he considered his season. Nobody, especially the fans, could see how frustrated he was with himself Unable to convey that frustration to them, the fans took to booing him, something they seemed to take pleasure in. But Stud didn't blame them. After all, even he thought he deserved the boos.

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