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Chapter 4

The road trip proved to be a blessing for the Combers. It gave the team a chance to temporarily escape the publicity surrounding the murder and concentrate on playing winning baseball. The first stop was Charleston and a three game series with the Palmettoes.

Stud Killarnet stirred up a bit of controversy prior to the first game when a local reporter asked him about the murder.

"Valley's murder was a shock to all of us, explained Stud. But now its time to put it behind us and concentrate on playing winning baseball. I'm sure his family will mourn enough for all of us."

The statement ruffled a lot of feathers, and when his name was announced that night as part of the starting line up, Stud was roundly booed.

"At least they know how to make a guy feel at home here," said Stud to Mike as they sat on the bench.

The Combers scored six runs in the first inning on a Grand slam , a double and two singles.

Huey Kant, the Combers all star lefty mowed the Palmettoes down for the first seven innings an three hits seven strikeouts, with no walks and throwing only 78 pitches.

The Palmettoes scored five runs in the bottom of the seventh and Silvers pulled Kant in favor of Bandit Montgomery. The score remained tied until the top of the ninth.

Mike Connor led off the inning with a single and Connor Blake followed with a double, With no outs, Stud smashed a line drive down the right field line for a single and two runs battered in. Silvers sent Kasey Christian in to pinch run, a move that made Stud unhappy.

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