Three Strikes - You Are Dead (Chapter 2, page 1 of 11)

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Chapter 2

The next day was an off day and Kingston had an unusual press conference scheduled for 3:15.

The trade deadline was quickly approaching and rumors were swirling like out of control tornados. Rumors involving the Combers included the mundane ones that Killarny going to the Shellfish for their right fielder Chuck Maggie to the more absurd ones that had some Arab oil barons buying the team and moving them to Saudi Arabia.

The press room at Combers field was filled by 3:00, leaving the reporters to speculate among themselves as they waited for Kingston to appear.

At exactly 3:15 Kingston appeared at the podium. He was accompanied by a player that the reporters immediately recognized as Rico Valley, an outfielder from the Sting Rays.

"Good afternoon, began Kingston as he looked out at the reporters. After weeks of negotiations, I was finally able to finalize the deal at midnight last night which has enabled me to bring Rico Valley to our team. Rico comes to us from the Sting Rays in exchange for minor leaguer Brighton Colbert and some cash. Rico is a great addition to our team because he ads depth to our bench by being able to play all three out field positions and first base."

Valley wasn't a pretty boy but then he wasn't being paid for his looks. Known as quite a prankster, he an infectious sense of humor that made him popular with fans and teammates alike as well as a grin that would have made Cheshire the Cat proud.

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