Three Strikes - You Are Dead (Chapter 6, page 1 of 5)

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Chapter 6

"I told you there was someone out there stalking us, said Conner. Who do you think his next victim will be"?

"Will you shut up," said Ferguson, who like everyone else on the team was getting annoyed with the second baseman.

"But we have to face up to the possibility that there is someone out there stalking us, protested Connor, putting on his uniform shirt. These two murders can't be a simple coincidence."

"You're probably right, agreed peppers looking up from his Sports Illustrated. But its not something the rest of us want to think about".

"I have some news, announced Silvers, addressing his players. I just got off the phone with Kasey's sister-in-law Kim Lindsey. She told me there's going to be a memorial service Friday morning at 10:00 at St. Paul's Cathedral. There won't be a burial service however because the coroner hasn't finished running his toxicology tests."

"If he was strangled to death why are they doing toxicology tests"? asked Mike.

"Standard procedure I guess," replied Silvers with a shrug.

"How are Suzy and Pancho"? asked Stud, munching on a chili dog.

"She's still pretty shaken, explained Silvers. So she and Pancho are going to be staying with Kim and her family for awhile."

"Do you think that there's some one out there waiting to get each one of us"? asked pitcher Woody Forest.

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