Three Strikes - You Are Dead (Chapter 5, page 1 of 5)

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Chapter 5

Mulligan Falls was one of those quiet neighborhoods where nothing exciting or interesting ever happened. So the community was shaken to its foundations when the purple and pink Victorian style house on Gladiola Street became a crime scene.

Curiosity seekers gathered outside the crime scene ribbon and watched as police searched for clues to whatever had happened inside the house.

Detective Ivory Denelle and her assistants Tom Reynolds and Buck Schurman and several members of the CSI team were working inside of the house.

The scene of all this police activity was the home of Combers utility outfielder Kasey Christian.

Around 11:00am Kim Lindsey, the sister of Kasey's wife Suzy arrived to take her sister shopping. When Suzy didn't answer the door, Kim took it upon herself to walk in. Kim entered through the kitchen door and stumbled on Christian's body, which was lying on the floor. He had an electrical cord tied around his neck and both of his feet had been cut off.

Though she was still alive, Suzy and her sixteen month old Pancho had been stuffed into the kitchen closet. It was his cries that let Kim find her sister. Suzy had a lump on her head from where she had been hit from behind and several layers of duct tape wrapped around her eyes.

The baby was unharmed.

Taking the distraught woman by the hand, Ivory led her to a nearby kitchen chair where Tom began to gently remove the duct tape from her eyes.

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