Three Strikes - You Are Dead (Chapter 3, page 1 of 4)

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Chapter 3

The murder of Rico Valley pushed Ricky Ray Ron's no hitter from the front pages of the newspapers to the back pages. Even radio and television programs were more interested in the murder than the no hitter.

Detective Ivory Denelle, Police Commissioner Lincoln Louis and Combers manager Jeff Silvers were appearing at a press conference on the steps of city hall. They were hoping by going public, they would get some information that would lead to an arrest. Lincoln Louis opened with a brief statement."

"Good morning, Louis greeted the crowd of reporters. As you know by now the Combers outfielder Rico Valley was found murdered in his apartment yesterday afternoon. I would like to turn the podium over to Detective Ivory Denelle who is investigating the case and Combers manager Jeff Silvers who has a statement of his own to make."

Louis stepped back and Jeff Silvers stepped forward.

"Good morning, began Silvers reading from a slip of paper. My players and I were sadden to find out about the murder of Rico Valley. We lost not only a teammate but a friend as well. I am here to announce on the behalf of Combers owner Ralph St. Johns who is putting up $2500 in reward money in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this horrible tragedy. The players I might add, are contributing another $1700 as well. You can call the office of Detective Ivory Denelle with any information on this case. Detective Denelle will now take you're questions."

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