Three Strikes - You Are Dead (Chapter 7, page 1 of 5)

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Chapter 7

Sivers was in the middle of making game preparations when Ivory showed up.

"Come in Detective Denelle, said Silvers as he extended his hand to her.

Have a seat."

"Thanks for speaking to me," said Ivory as she sat in a nearby chair.

"We want to cooperate with you as much as possible so we can catch the murderer," replied Sivers, sitting behind his desk.

"I just have a couple of questions, said Ivory flipping open a spiral bound notebook to a blank page. How do your players get along with each other"?

"Pretty well, " replied Silvers taking a sip of his coffee which by now was ice cold.

"How do they get along with Killarney and vice versa"? inquired Ivory, scribbling something in her notebook.

"They all get along pretty well, answered Silvers. They occasionally have their differences. But basically they're a close knit team."

"How did Valley and Christian get along with Killarney ? asked Ivory. Did he harbor any resentment towards them because they often replaced him in the line up"?

Silvers felt his temper flaring as he realized where her questions were leading.

"Look, said Silvers trying to hold his temper. I don't like what you're implying about Killarney.Stud may be a bit of a flake at times, but he's basically a good kid. I can assure you that he's no murderer."

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